Recent Transaction

Portside Acquires Baldwin; Foley Exclusive Broker
October, 2023

Portside, an innovator in technology and software solutions for business and government aviation, announced it has acquired Baldwin Safety & Compliance.

This strategic move is aimed at augmenting Portside’s comprehensive suite of Software as a Service (SaaS) tools and technology that empower nearly 1,000 aviation organizations in more than 30 countries.

Baldwin, established in 2004, specializes in designing and implementing robust safety management systems (SMS) for operations of all scales. They also offer vital business capabilities to sustain, extend, and provide steadfast support for these systems. 

The transaction was facilitated by Brian Foley of AvStrategies, who has matched investors with great aviation companies since 2006.  “This is a perfect example of combining a top-notch transportation specialist with a respected aviation technology platform to provide mutual value and chemistry,” said Brian Foley, founder.